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Yasin al-Suri

Near East (North Africa and the Middle East)


Up to $3 million

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Rewards for Justice is offering a reward of up to $3 million for information on Ezedin Abdel Aziz Khalil, more commonly known as Yasin al-Suri.

Al-Suri is an al-Qa’ida (AQ) facilitator based in Iran. Al-Suri has moved money and recruits from across the Middle East into Iran, and then on to Pakistan, to support AQ’s senior leadership. Iranian authorities maintain a relationship with al-Suri and have permitted him to operate within Iran’s borders since 2005. Al-Suri was previously arrested by Iranian authorities in December 2011 after the announcement of a Rewards for Justice reward offer seeking information about him.

On July 28, 2011, the U.S. Department of the Treasury designated al-Suri as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist pursuant to Executive Order 13224, as amended. As a result of this designation, among other consequences, all property, and interests in property, of al-Suri that are subject to U.S. jurisdiction are blocked, and U.S. persons are generally prohibited from engaging in any transactions with al-Suri. In addition, it is a crime to knowingly provide, or attempt or conspire to provide, material support or resources to AQ, a U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization.


Associated Location(s):


Date of Birth:


Place of Birth:

Al-Qamishli, Syria





Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Aliases/Alternative Name Spellings:

Ezedin Abdel Aziz Khalil; Al-Suri; Yaseen al-Suri; Izz al-Din Abd al-Farid Khalil; Zayn al-Abadin


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