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TOR Best Practices

There are many ways to increase your personal security while using The Onion Router (TOR) browser. In addition to using TOR, we recommend the use of trusted Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to further enhance the security of your web traffic. By connecting to a server location outside one’s own country prior to using TOR, your web traffic is further protected from monitoring. Inside of the TOR browser, there are a number of additional configurations that are recommended inside the “safety and security” section within TOR. First, enable your VPN. Then:
  1. Launch the TOR browser.
  2. Go into TOR settings and select “Privacy and Security.”
  3. Check the box “Delete cookies and site data when TOR browser is closed.”
  4. Scroll down to History section: Change settings to “Never remember history.”
  5. Scroll down to Permissions: click settings for camera check “Block new requests asking to access your camera.” Do the same for the microphone. For added security cover your front camera on your device with tape or a blocker.
  6. Scroll to security: click “Safest” This will disable certain functions within TOR but will allow for the safest connection.
  7. Scroll to HTTPS-Only Mode: Click Enable HTTPS-Only mode in all windows. This will ensure all your connections are encrypted and secure.
  8. Go into “TOR” setting under “Privacy and Security.”
  9. Check box “Use a bridge.”
  10. Click “Request a bridge from”
  11. Enter captcha.
  12. Utilize and to see what identifying information may still be present that can uniquely fingerprint your computer and web traffic.

Safe ways to connect to TOR and the Reward for Justice TOR tip line:

  1. Utilize a trusted VPN service paid for by you. Free VPN services may not always be secure.
  2. Connect your device using a trusted VPN service to a location outside of the country from where you are accessing TOR.
  3. Launch the TOR browser.
  4. Configure TOR security settings as you see fit.
  5. For added security, use a physical proxy such as one from a coffee shop or hotel lobby so that the connection cannot identify your physical home location.

Links to TOR safety and security information:

  1. Information on TOR Bridges:
  2. Information on TOR security:


Do Your Part. Secure a Safer World.

There are many ways to submit information to Rewards for Justice.

You may choose from multiple platforms and contact us in numerous languages. To process your information efficiently, we ask you to state your information as succinctly as possible, provide your name, location, and preferred language, and upload all relevant files such as photographs, videos, and documents to support your information. An RFJ representative will soon contact you. Please be patient, as RFJ reads every tip we receive.

Please visit our Tor-based tips-reporting channel at: he5dybnt7sr6cm32xt77pazmtm65flqy6irivtflruqfc5ep7eiodiad.onion

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