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Abu Solaiman (Deceased)

Kidnapping and Murder of Americans in the Philippines.

RFJ paid a $5 million reward to two individuals who provided information on Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) leader Abu Solaiman. On June 7, 2007, the U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines presided over the reward presentation to the individuals in a public ceremony on the island of Jolo.

Abu Solaiman was among the highest-ranking leaders of ASG, a terrorist organization operating in the Philippines. Solaiman, along with Khadaffy Janjalani, was responsible for the kidnappings and deaths of Filipino and American citizens. Solaiman was linked to the kidnappings of Martin and Gracia Burnham and two other U.S. citizens and participated in the beheading of U.S. citizen Guillermo Sobero. Solaiman also had planned and implemented attacks against U.S. interests, such as bomb plots against the U.S. Embassy in Manila, the February 2004 sinking of the Superferry 14, and the 2005 Valentine’s Day triple bombings, which, in total, killed or injured hundreds of innocent people. 

On January 16, 2007, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, acting on information provided by the informants, launched an operation to capture Solaiman. During the assault, Solaiman resisted and was killed.


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