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Salih al-Aruri

Up to $5 Million Reward

In October 2017, Salih Al-Aruri, one of the founders of the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s military wing, was elected deputy leader of the Hamas Political Bureau. Al-Aruri funds and directs Hamas military operations in the West Bank and has been linked to several terrorist attacks, hijackings, and kidnappings. In 2014, al-Aruri announced Hamas’s responsibility for the June 12, 2014 terrorist attack that kidnapped and killed three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank, including dual U.S.–Israeli citizen Naftali Fraenkel. He publicly praised the murders as a “heroic operation.” In September 2015, the U.S. Department of the Treasury designated al-Aruri as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) pursuant to Executive Order 13224, a move which imposed sanctions on his financial assets.

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