Act of Terror
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Kidnappings and Murders

Lebanon | 1985 to 1989

Numerous kidnappings and murders were a part of the decade-long Lebanese hostage crisis undertaken by Hezbollah-related terrorists. The hostage crisis lasted from 1982 to 1992.

On March 16, 1984, terrorists kidnapped William Buckley, the CIA Station Chief in Beirut. Buckley was interrogated, tortured and held captive for 15 months before the estimated date of his death.

On December 3, 1984, American University of Beirut librarian Peter Kilburn was reported missing. Sixteen months later, he and two other captives were shot and killed, their bodies dumped in the mountains east of Beirut.

On February 17, 1988, terrorists kidnapped Col. William Higgins from his United Nations peacekeeping vehicle. As a hostage, Col. Higgins was interrogated and tortured before being killed. The exact date of his death is unknown.

The Rewards for Justice program is offering a reward of up to $5 million for information that brings to justice those responsible for these attacks.


Photo of William Higgins
William Higgins Murdered 1989
Photo of Peter Kilburn
Peter Kilburn Murdered 1986
Photo of William Buckley
William Buckley Murdered 1985