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Abderraouf Ben Habib Jdey

Up to $5 Million Reward

Abderraouf Jdey, also known as Farouq al-Tunisi, has an extensive history of extremist affiliations. He has been closely linked with al-Qaida operatives and involved in plans for conducting hijacking/terrorist operations. Jdey is an associate of Tunisian terror suspect Faker Boussora, and the two may have traveled together in the past.

Jdey left his native Tunisia in 1991 and immigrated to Montreal, Canada, becoming a Canadian citizen in 1995. While in Canada, Jdey studied biology at the University of Montreal and attended the Assunna Mosque in Montreal.

Jdey departed Canada in 1999 and received combat training and experience in Afghanistan through 2000. He engaged in fighting against the Afghan Northern Alliance and authored a suicide letter stating his intention to become a martyr for jihad. During this time, Jdey also appeared in a well-known martyrdom video that was later found in an al-Qaida leader’s house in 2001.

Following a return to the Montreal area in 2001 in which Jdey consorted with extremists on methods of joining the jihad, Jdey left Canada. Authorities remain concerned that Jdey may attempt to return to Canada or the United States to plan or participate in a terrorist attack.

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Additional Photo of Abderraouf Ben Habib Jdey
Additional Photo of Abderraouf Ben Habib Jdey